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Head Office : 14 Gawad Hosni st, Down Town – Cairo – Egypt
Phone: 2392 8733 – 2392 9935
Fax: 2392 7195
P.O. Box : 171 Mohamed Fareed
C.R : 19428

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Managing Director :
Commercial Affairs :
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Foreign Purchasing :
Finance :
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Senior Management – head office

Name Job Title Email
Mr. Darwish Abd El Fattah Goneam Chairman and Managing Director
Mr. Abdelbaqi Ahmed Bilal Head of Financial Affairs
Mr. Imad Eldin Abunaam General Manager of Legal Affairs
Mr. Ibrahim Ismail Meselhi General Manager of Administrative Affairs
Mr. Hisham Yehya Ahmed Kassem General Manager of Audit
Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Alam Abd-Elhadi General Manager of Commercial Affairs

Factory Address : Kalabshou – Zayan – Belkas / Daqhlia Governorate

Factories Chief : 01050800512
General Secretary : 01050800515

E-mail :

Senior Management – factories

Name Job Title Email
Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud Hafiz Factories Chief
A E. khayri Fathy mohamed General Manager of Agriculture
Eng. Ahmed herzallah Ismail General Manager of Transportation
Mr. Ayman Mohamed Almcharfy General Manager of Administrative Affairs
Eng. Hassan Ahmed Shahin General Manager of Information Systems
Eng. Adel Omar Mansour General Manager of Engineering
CH E. Abdelhamid Bayoumi Abdelhamid General Manager of Production
Ch E. Mahmoud. Mohamed Nooreldin General Manager of Industrial Control
Mr. Mohammed. Saeed Abdelhamid General Manager of Finance