Chairman of the board message

It’s my pleasure to welcome you personally and on behalf of my fellow board members and employees of the company at Daqahlia Sugar & Refining Company website.By surfing our website you will have an idea about the company & its main activities as producers, traders and exporters of sugar, molasses and beet pulp pellets.

In 2014 the company won third place in the production of sugar beets in Egypt and the Middle East.

The company has produced sugar from beets (local – Export) with total of (322,821.6) tons, sugar from refineries with a total of (27482.2) tons , molasses from sugar beet for export with total of(130500) tons , molasses from refineries for export with total of (1150) tons and beet pulp pellets for export with total of (130,852.63) tons for feed. We are always proud of all our achievements and successes, and we seek to continue the development and growth and will always ensure the public interest, the support of national industry, credibility in the work performance and the beet growers favors for the benefit and serving our dear country Egypt.

Accountant/ Darwish Abd El Fattah Goneam